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Our Services

We are specialist in international logistic

From a simple LCL cargo to the complex over-specified 
cargoes, we handle with passion

We love what we do and we know how to do

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International Logistic

Containerized cargoes

  • Dry Container

  • Flat Rack

  • Open Top, Open Side

  • Double Doors

  • Refrigerated


Break Bulk cargoes


  • Road, In Land, Short distance

  • Ocean, Cabotage, Chatering

  • Air, Chatering

  • Multimodal


  • Asia

  • Americas

  • Europe


Structuring of foreign origin company in Brazil

  • Guidance to hiring

    • CPA

    • Law firm

    • Local partners and Service providers

    • Cases study

  • Genera assistance

Long term logistic consolidation plan and execution

Special authorization from Brazilian government in importation & exportation

Government certifications

Pre-shipment analysis

  • Paper work

  • NCM (≈ HS Code) verification & their restriction

  • Local law conference

F/S - Feasibility Study

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Project Cargo

Nonstandard cargoes

  • Overweight

  • Over measurement

  • Extremely delicate cargo

  • Special transport cargo


Bulk cargoes for Industrial Plants

  • Construction stake

  • Rebar & Steel structures

  • Pipes

  • Pulp

Combined cranes: on board or off board

Oil & Gas, Steel Mills plants logistic

  • Ocean freight

  • Road transportation

  • Multimodal

Customs Service in Brazil

Pre-shipment work

  • Registration of Import License (L.I.)

  • Duty benefit verification

  • B/L, Invoice, Packing List

  • Weighing

Brazilian unique law verification procedure and authorization obtaining



  • ARMY


  • MAPA

Problem prevention & Constant update

  • Pre-registrations

  • Local market's price comparative

  • Minimum price verification

DDP similar possibility

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